Stonewood designs, implements and manages bespoke investment structures for high net worth families. The Stonewood Family Office offers you the following:

Improved Investment Processes

  • By consolidating the family’s international investment portfolios, portfolio management is improved.
  • Access to global investment products is improved.
  • Operational efficiencies are improved.
  • Investment returns are enhanced with a focus on capital preservation.

Improved Reporting

  • Monthly valuation statements are provided.
  • Increased transparency in investment holdings is achieved.
  • Improved liquidity occurs when required through the structure.
  • Investment reporting and commentary is provided on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Other Key Benefits

  • Professionally managed and regulated structures with protection for the family at many levels.
  • Enhanced longevity and capital protection to the Family’s assets.
  • Improved estate planning.
  • Enhanced continuity between generations.
  • Improved succession planning.
  • Allows for junior family members to become involved in the Family’s Wealth in a structured and controlled manner over time.