Wealthy increasingly turn to boutique family offices to manage investment assets

Wealthy individuals and family offices have increasingly been using the agility and nimbleness of boutique investment firms that offer hyper-personalized services and bespoke products and advice

An active approach to passive investing yields best returns

With increasing uncertainty and market volatility, a blended passive-active investing strategy can play an important role in allocating assets in today's unpredictable environment.

Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate Featured in BusinessDay

Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate was recently featured in BusinessDay, which detailed the Group's latest $85m deal for the purchase of 16 extended-stay style American hotels in Texas and Oklahoma.

Explore the alternative investment universe in 2019 to unlock value

Following a tumultuous year, 2019 is shaping up to be a tale of two halves for South Africa. Exploring the alternative investment universe could be a valuable solution to unlock value in this volatile market.

Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate Acquires R1.2bn Portfolio of 16 U.S. Extended-Stay Hotels

Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate (SARE) today announced that it has acquired, together with its U.S. partners and investors, 16 Extended Stay America hotels in Texas and Oklahoma.

Offshore Investing: Why It's Time To Dilute Equity Exposure and Diversify

Amidst the backdrop of sluggish economic growth, political instability, and policy uncertainty, South Africa's high net worth individuals (HNWI) are increasingly looking to build their asset base offshore.

Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate Aims to Broaden Reach with Extended-Stay Hotels

Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate (SARE) aims to broaden the reach of their US property portfolio with an investment in the fast growing extended-stay hotel sector, that would add demographic diversification.

Ageing Baby Boomers Provide Unique Investment Opportunity in US Property

Ageing baby boomers in the US having a significant impact on retirement and consumption patterns over the next few decades offers a significant opportunity for Stonewood Alchemy Real Estate (SARE).

Ramaphoria is No Reason to Abandon Your Offshore Investment Strategy

The recent strengthening of the Rand after eight years of continued weakness, has many investors asking the question of whether they should be repatriating capital before the Rand strengthens further.

Investing in Content - Why we are Bullish on Scripps

Content owners will continue to be able to earn substantial returns as long as they can successfully navigate the introduction of new platforms and changing media landscape.

Slow Growth in Equities Means You Have to Look for Value

Why we believe that Stonewood's deep-value orientated stock selection approach will deliver a superior result to investors over the next 3-5 years.

Rand Depreciation Wealth Protection Strategy

The best way to protect your wealth in a volatile and depreciating Rand environment is to move assets offshore on a consistent and regular basis.

4 Reasons to Invest in Apple Shares

Apple is Stonewood's largest investment. During 2015 the stock price declined by 4.6%, but we continue to be optimistic about the stock. This is why...