Why you should invest alongside Stonewood Investment Management

We don’t swim with the crowd

We consistently follow a single, disciplined, deep value contrarian investment approach, designed to identify unpopular and out of favour investment opportunities. We believe that the best investment opportunities are found where there is a shortage of capital - not where everyone is seeking to invest.

We have a long term investment horizon

We don’t move with the daily or even monthly swings and roundabouts of global financial markets. We view this as noise. We believe that the best investment results are achieved by following a consistent investment process over a long term investment horizon.

Capital preservation is at the core of everything we do

For us, permanent capital loss - not volatility - represents risk. Volatility is an opportunity to make above average returns.

We invest globally

The ability to invest in any geography and industry enables us to be opportunistic and take advantage of dislocations in global markets.

We have an experienced team

Our team has substantial experience investing in both public and private markets across geographies and asset classes.

Our interests are aligned with yours

Our founding principals and employees have a substantial portion of their wealth invested in Stonewood and its funds.

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"The best way to protect yourself against currency depreciation is to develop a targeted offshore exposure and then move assets on a consistent and regular basis irrespective of movements in the exchange rate."